Be a data-driven organization.


Save millions of dollars with real and informed data.

Inefficiencies cost companies from 20% to 30% on their revenue every year.

Improve productivity by 15-20%.

Use machine learning to predict future operational outcomes. Improve cost savings 20%.

Gather effort data automatically from all your company applications. No manual tracking needed.

Discover the potential of having real-time analytics of your processes and people.

Obtain real-time insights from the get-go. Deployment in less than 1 week. ROI less than 3 months.

Up to 30% saving in third party software and licenses cost.




Introducing Sapience:


Presents meaningful and actionable data to every stakeholder, from CEO to Employee.

Supports hiring-training optimization, “Work-From-Home” adaptation, and stress management.

Data-driven metrics to improve overall profitability by making informed decisions based on facts.

Provides reports to improve core work time by balancing the distribution of tasks and encouraging the adoption of best practices.

Tighter financial control and cost optimization while ensuring productivity improvements and timely delivery of projects

Employee personal dashboard to auto-manage work-life balance and improve performance in compliance with organizational goals.

Case Study Summary

Major regional bank saves $10M in costs with Sapience.

The client:

A global financial services company providing services and expertise in private banking, wealth management & investment banking services. Global footprint in more than 50 countries, with $20 billion+ in revenue.


Phase 1: 3.500 users in Internal Operations

(Global Markets & Technical)

Phase 2: 7.500 users in Service Providers

(Development, Testing & Support)

The findings:

  • 65% daily average work time spent on non-core activities.

  • 20% of employees are overloaded with work and stressed.

  • 60% of users under-performed with just 3.9 productive hours per day.

  • 20% of users under-performed with just 1.7 productive hours per day.

The results:

1.5 hours average increase in core activities per employee.

7% operating cost reduction in 6 months.

Identified and moved underutilized employees to support stressed & stretched teams.

Re-negotiate fixed-price contracts by

comparing manually reported timesheets

with Sapience data.

Save millions of dollars by identifying inefficiencies to improve KPIs.

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